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2/17/2012 · A Hollywood noir project of Michael Mann and John Logan was never produced. Why not? Mann/Logan Project is set in 1938, the absolute peak of the …

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The script for Mirage, by Peter Stone, is based on a novel by Howard Fast, and production went smoothly throughout the shoot. The film looks it, too, with a high

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Michael Mann and John Logan’s Lost Hollywood Noir

Film noir (/ f ɪ l m n w ɑːr /; French pronunciation: ) is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly such that

What's the difference?" (The Asphalt Jungle & The Killing) Lost in ...

The Thin Man Movie Review & Film Summary (1934) | Roger Ebert

The following articles and reviews are listing chronologically and without comment. Some are youthful, some are wrongheaded, some are pretty good.

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Screaming Mimi is a 1958 film noir directed by Gerd Oswald, and based on the novel by pulp novelist Fredric Brown. The film features Anita Ekberg, Philip Carey, Gypsy

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Awesome site. I’m studying film noir at the moment and this site is incredibly helpful.

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FILM NOIR AND THE HARD-BOILED DETECTIVE HERO : THE LATEST ESSAYS No Place for a Woman: The Family in Film Noir. Film Noir's Progressive Portrayal of …

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Film Noir Movie Posters: ROBERT RYAN! Here’s a 30 poster set of film noir posters featuring the one and only Robert Ryan. The great actor bore little resemblance to

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Film noir is a peculiar genre; the directors who worked in film noir didn’t use that term to describe their work.

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Luhr, “The Maltese Falcon, the Detective Genre, and Film Noir”

OUT OF THE PAST is perhaps the most carefully structured of all films noir--a narrative divided (like protagonist Jeff Markum/Bailey) between an inescapable past and

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Roger Ebert's review of this classic film, together with short biographical in ion on the star William Powell.

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5/21/2011 · You dirty rats asked for it, and you got it. Back by popular demand, and in a single post: the entire film noir poster countdown, including all of …

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Film noir: Scène uit The Big Combo (1955) met low-keybelichting en sterke contrasten. Eerste film: The Maltese Falcon : Subgenres: Subgenre van: misdaadfilm